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What To Do About a Maryland Storm-Damaged Roof

Sarah Kessler
January 15, 2024

Roofs are built to withstand a lot of abuse: sun, snow, rain, and the occasional frisbee, for example. But there are circumstances that are just too much for a shingled roof, or even a metal roof, to handle. Being on the East Coast, Washington, D.C. and Maryland are susceptible to strong coastal winds and storms that can cause significant damage. If your roof has suffered storm damage, you need a professional roofer to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

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What Types of Storm Damage Could Your Maryland Roof Have?

Depending on the type of roof you have and the type of storm that occurred, a reliable roofing company near you may discover various types of storm damage. For a shingled roof, which is the most common type of roof in Maryland, roofing storm damage usually appears in one of the following ways:

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Over time, shingles can begin to curl at the edges from the intense heat of the sun. When high-speed wind blows across your roof, it can snag these lifted corners and rip the shingles right off your roof.

High winds and driving rain can also affect the granular surface of your shingles. The granules wear down over time and expose the fiberglass sheet underneath, which can then begin to take on water.

It’s important to have your roof replaced when it starts to show signs of wear and tear to avoid the chance of suffering roof damage caused by a storm.

Punctures or Tears

Storms often lead to flying debris. Tree branches, in particular, are notorious for causing damage to roofs during severe storms. When winds are high, their force can cause branches to gouge or tear holes in shingled roofs or even in the protective membrane of your roof. Hail can also cause puncture damage to your roof during storms.

To minimize the chances of suffering roof storm damage caused by trees, we typically recommend that homeowners have their tree limbs cut back to at least 10 feet from the edge of their roof.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are pretty durable. But the metal they’re made of is not immune to punctures if debris strikes it during a storm, nor is it impossible for the high winds of a coastal storm to bend the metal of a gutter.

Gutters draw water away from your home, so any damage to these should be dealt with by a professional roofing company near you as quickly as possible.

Other Roof Damage from Storms

If you have a metal roof, although incredibly durable, it is possible for high winds to lift and twist sections of the roof. If this occurs, these strips will not be able to be repaired and will need to be replaced.

Ultimately, the worst part of storm-damaged roofs is their ability to let water into your home, and water damage can be a huge headache. If you have suffered storm damage to your roof, it is important to reach out to an experienced roofing contractor, no matter how small the damage might appear. Water leaks can lead to damaged drywall, insulation, or even flooring.

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What To Do When Your Maryland Roof Has Been Damaged by a Storm

Once the storm has passed and you can head outside again, it is important to thoroughly assess your property, looking for any storm damage that needs repairs. If you do notice that your home and roof have been damaged by a storm, what are the next steps? Depending upon the damage to your roof, it might not be the best time to replace your roof in fall or winter.

1. Assess the Damage

Take a look as close as you feel comfortable getting to the damaged area of your roof. Try to take note of what the extent of the damage appears to be (i.e., missing shingles) and where the damage has occurred.

Also take note of whether there appears to be ongoing damage, such as a water leak, no matter how small it appears to be. This information will be important when following the steps to have your roof repaired or replaced.

2. Contact a Professional Roofing Company Near You

Certified roofers have the experience and knowledge needed to determine the extent of damage done to your roof in the event of a storm.

It is always best to get an expert opinion when dealing with roof damage since only expert roofers can safely get up on a roof to examine any damaged areas fully. They can also assist you when filing a storm damage roof insurance claim.

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3. Contact Your Insurance Company

When you’re dealing with extensive amounts of damage, it’s typically best to go through your homeowner’s insurance policy. Filing a storm damage roof insurance claim can help cover the unexpected cost of a major roof repair or replacement.

Once you’ve filed a storm or wind damage roof insurance claim, an adjuster will come to assess the damage and determine the cost of the repairs. Having a qualified roofing contractor near you included as part of this process will ensure that you get the most money for your insurance claim to cover the cost of repairs.

Replacing a Storm Damaged Roof

When a storm occurs, sometimes the damage to your roof is so severe that it’s necessary to replace the entire roof. This is particularly true in homes where the roof is older and may have already been in need of replacement.

If you work with Capitol Improvements, we follow a tried-and-true process for replacing a storm-damaged roof, including:

  • Thoroughly inspecting your roof and home for damage
  • Helping you through the process of filing an insurance claim
  • Helping you understand your roof replacement financing options
  • Removing all of the broken and damaged areas of your roof
  • Pulling off the remaining shingles
  • Laying new underlayment
  • Replacing flashing
  • Installing new shingles
  • Handling all of the elements of a GAF Lifetime Roofing System
  • Ensuring that your roof is watertight and ready to be exposed to the elements once again

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