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What Are the Most Popular James Hardie Siding Colors? Compare and Choose

Sarah Kessler
February 29, 2024

Are you choosing a new siding color for your home? It’s a complicated decision that can take much more consideration than you might have initially expected. 

Not all homes are the same, and each has different factors that should go into picking the best color for your home. James Hardie siding colors offer a wide range of options, from crisp white to vibrant red. We also have more information on unique James Hardie siding colors for your home.

Below, we’ll help you decide on a color for your home by introducing you to the most popular siding colors as well as some other options to consider. Replacing your siding is an excellent decision, and choosing a color you love can help you feel more confident about your investment. 

Most Popular Siding Colors

The most popular choice of siding color won’t always be your top choice. But knowing which colors are drawing the most attention right now can help you make a more informed decision. Here are the most popular colors for siding by James Hardie.

Arctic White

James Hardie Arctic White plank siding on a home's exterior

Arctic White is James Hardie’s most popular siding color, likely because of its wide versatility and compatibility with other colors. It can easily go with dark, bold colors or more neutral taupe and brownish accent hues. Its crisp, clean, and fresh feel, along with subtle gray undertones, adds sophistication to any exterior.

Preview it: See James Hardie’s Arctic White siding on a real home to get a better idea of how it might look on your home’s exterior.

Night Gray

James Hardie Night Gray plank siding on a home's exterior

Night Gray is the second most popular James Hardie siding color, with neutral gray hues and a peaceful, relaxed look. Night Gray looks great paired with navy blue or brighter-colored accents. If you know you want gray tones for your siding, Night Gray is a great option.

Preview it: See Night Gray siding by James Hardie on a real home to find out if it matches your home’s style. 

Aged Pewter

James Hardie Aged Pewter plank siding on a home's exterior

If you’re looking for something that’s versatile and sophisticated, consider James Hardie’s Aged Pewter siding. It coordinates well with natural stone, wood, and brick, and it complements colors such as white, navy blue, charcoal, and earthy tones.

Preview it: View James Hardie’s Aged Pewter siding on a real home to see if it aligns with what you have in mind for your home. 

Evening Blue

James Hardie Evening Blue plank siding on a home's exterior

Deep, pigmented blue tones are a popular trend for siding color, and it’s a classic look. Evening Blue by James Hardie is on the lighter and brighter side, contrasting with the standard muted blue you’ll find on many new or renovated homes.  

Preview it: Compare a real home with James Hardie Evening Blue siding to your vision for your home to see if this is the right choice.

Timber Bark

There’s nothing wrong with a brown house. Timber Bark siding’s popularity proves that point. It gives deep, earthy tones of green, brown, and gray, and it works great with Arctic White as an accent color. 

Preview it: Look at a real home with James Hardie’s Timber Bark Siding to see if it’s what you have in mind.

Pearl Gray

James Hardie Pearl Gray plank siding on a home's exterior

Pearl Gray takes a softer approach to earth tones. It pulls inspiration from sandy beaches, ocean waves, and seashells. Pearl Gray is perfect for homeowners who don’t want pure white but don’t want something too dark or bold, either. 

Preview it: See what Pearl Gray siding by James Hardie looks like on a real house before choosing it for your home.

Deep Ocean

James Hardie Seep Ocean plank siding on a home's exterior

In the shade, Deep Ocean siding looks like a night sky or the deepest depths of the sea. In sunlight, the shade takes on a brighter, more vibrant blue tone that brings life to a home. Deep Ocean is one of the most popular James Hardie siding colors because of its range and its modern look. 

Preview it: Make sure you see James Hardie Deep Ocean siding on a real house before choosing it for your own. 


James Hardie Cobblestone plank siding on a home's exterior

Cobblestone siding is another classic choice for homeowners who want something just a touch more colorful than white. Cobblestone is a rich neutral tone that works with almost any home and any accent colors you choose, particularly dark ones. 

Preview it: See James Hardie’s Cobblestone siding on a real house before you buy. 

How to Choose a Siding Color for Your Home

The color of your siding can make a big impact on how you feel walking up to your home, as well as what buyers see when you go to sell. Your exterior color sets the tone for what buyers expect when they walk through the door. For that reason, choosing your siding color isn’t always easy. Here are some tips. 

Look at examples of real homes

Above, we’ve included links to view all of these siding colors on real homes. This is so important as part of the process of choosing your siding because looks can be deceiving. 

The color of a particular siding color on a swatch can look very different from how it will look on your home. Seeing a siding color on a real house also helps you envision how the siding will work on your home and get an idea of what accent colors work well.

Look around your neighborhood

If you want to get an even closer look at what a siding color really looks like, you might be able to find real-life examples around your neighborhood. Look for colors that match the photos you’ve seen, or ask your neighbors what siding they use. 

Looking at siding colors in your neighborhood can also help you choose a color that either blends in or stands out. If you’re getting ready to sell your house, consider what kinds of buyers will be looking for homes in your neighborhood. How can you help your home look more appealing?

Consider the style of your home

The style of your home can greatly influence which siding color will look best. Traditional homes often look great with classic colors such as whites, creams, or light blues, while modern homes can handle bolder colors or even dark, dramatic shades. The architectural details of your home can also guide your color choice, ensuring it complements rather than clashes with the design.

Use your interior colors for inspiration

Your home's interior color scheme can also provide inspiration for your siding color. While the exterior doesn't have to match the interior perfectly, choosing a siding color that harmonizes with your interior can create a cohesive look and feel. Consider the main colors of your interior decor and think about how they might look with the different colors you’re considering for your siding.

Consider the climate

Finally, the climate where you live can influence your siding color choice. In hot climates, lighter colors are often preferable as they reflect more sunlight and help keep your home cooler. In cooler climates, darker colors might be more suitable as they can absorb heat during the day and may help to keep your home warmer. 

Additionally, consider how the color will look under the bright sun, set back into dense foliage, or against a snowy backdrop, depending on your location.


What is James Hardie siding? 

James Hardie siding is a brand of fiber cement siding that’s well-known in the industry for its durability, resistance to fire and pests, and ability to withstand severe weather conditions. 

It’s made from a mix of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, offering the look of traditional wood siding but with enhanced longevity and lower maintenance requirements. 

This type of siding is popular among homeowners looking for a high-quality, long-lasting siding option that can improve the curb appeal and value of their homes.

Where can you buy James Hardie siding? 

You can buy James Hardie siding from various home improvement stores, building supply stores, and through contractors who specialize in siding installation. 

Many retailers offer a wide range of James Hardie products, including planks, panels, and shingles in a variety of textures and colors. To find a retailer or distributor near you, it's best to visit the James Hardie website and use their dealer locator tool.

How much does James Hardie siding cost? 

The cost of James Hardie siding varies depending on several factors, including the style of siding you choose, the size of your home, and your location. On average, homeowners might expect to spend between $0.90 and $5.00 per square foot for the siding material alone. 

Installation costs can add significantly to the total price, making it important to get detailed quotes from your siding contractor to understand the full cost of a siding project.

Can you make a custom James Hardie siding color?

James Hardie offers a ColorPlus® Technology finish that comes in various pre-selected, curated colors. This finish provides additional durability and resistance to fading and chipping. 

While the range of available colors is extensive, if you're looking for a custom color, it's best to discuss your options with a James Hardie dealer or contractor. 

Some homeowners choose to paint their James Hardie siding with a specific color after installation, though it's important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use the appropriate type of paint to ensure the longevity of the siding.

Siding: Adding Value to Your Home

Choosing the right James Hardie siding color for your home is a big decision that impacts your home's aesthetic appeal, how it fits into the neighborhood, and its market value. 

The variety of colors, from Arctic White to Deep Ocean, offers you the flexibility to select a shade that not only reflects your personal style but also complements the architectural design and setting of your home. 

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of Arctic White, the tranquil serenity of Night Gray, the sophisticated versatility of Aged Pewter, or the vibrant depth of Deep Ocean, there's a James Hardie siding color to suit your taste and home design.

James Hardie Siding in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, Capitol Improvements is a certified James Hardie installer with a 30-year materials and labor warranty on your James Hardie siding. Contact us to get a free quote today, and we'll walk you through the process of choosing a siding color for your home.

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